86,312th plastic bottle saved (Hurray for water dispensers at airports)

86,312th plastic bottle saved (Hurray for water dispensers at airports)

Slightly odd post, perhaps, but I just have to wax lyrical about how much I love the new water dispenser at Heathrow (T2).

Yes, yes, I know, plastic bottles, boring. But really, plastic bottles are soooo bad for the environment. I generally dislike the bottled water industry anyway because they’ve tried to convince the world that we need to have a company put the most basic source of human nourishment in a sealed, plastic container before we can consume it. And pay for the privilege. Boo.¬†When you’re travelling with a family you want to spend those extra few pounds on, well, anything really.

I get that we all want safety on planes, but the ban on liquids over 100ml has meant that in a lot of airports we basically have no choice but to buy bottles of water.

So, I say well done to any airport that provides stations to fill up reusable containers.

I’d be satisfied with a plain old fountain. But I love the automatic water bottle filler here. Not least because it tells me that my bottle was the 86,312th bottle filled (and thus the 86,312th plastic bottle saved). Good on you, Heathrow.

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