Have I created a wizard?

Have I created a wizard?

Since Jack turned 2 he’s been really interested in videos on my phone. Little narcissist that he is, his favourite videos are always of himself playing.

If we’re out and about then we can often forestall the grizzles by watching videos of old trips. It works out quite well – it’s an incentive for me to video interesting things because I know that they’ll be useful for him later on.

However, it seems to have created a problem that he now believes that every picture should move. Live photo doesn’t help. Here the camera takes a second or two of video with your photo. You can then press and hold on the photo and it’ll show the footage. And don’t even get me started on animated gifs.

Today I was showing him my last blog post – lunch at the Black Canyon Coffee shop. As soon as he saw the photo at the top he started saying ‘I want to watch it’. Then he got really upset when I told him it was a photo and didn’t move.

It reminds me of the pureblood wizards in Harry Potter. When they see ordinary (Muggle) photos they ask why they don’t move.

So, have I shot myself in the foot? Have I created a child who won’t appreciate the beauty of an good photo that doesn’t move. Only time will tell.

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