You can with kids

You can with kids

I started this blog pretty much because of the statement ‘once you have kids you won’t be able to [insert fun thing]’. I was dubious about its truth before I had kids. Now I have 2 kids, have gone on multiple flights, lived in a central London flat and generally enjoyed life with them, I want to leave that ridiculous statement on a runway and let it eat my dust as I jet off to explore the world.

When you have kids the world opens to you. People are nicer to you, Christmas and birthdays become more fun and you can go do all the silly things you secretly wanted to before without feeling like you’re too old for them. Because, of course, you’re doing them for the kids. Yep, definitely for the kids.

I also love travelling with kids. Travel is more complex with kids in tow. However, it can also be richer and enjoyable in entirely new ways. I’ve travelled alone with a baby, with just my husband and kid/kids, with friends and with family. Each time I did, I thought smugly about all those people who’d told me so drearily about how my life would end once I had children. So, if you have one or more of those people in your life let me tell you this: You CAN with kids. Now let’s talk about how.

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