Lego store in Leicester Square

Lego store in Leicester Square

I’ve just been to the Lego store in Leicester Square and, well, everything is awesome.

When you enter the store (to the tune of ‘Everything is Awesome’, of course), staff greet you with Lego made signs saying ‘hello’, Lego microphones and even a Lego guitar. You walk through a full size Lego London Underground gate.

Image of a London underground map, with the London Underground sign above it, both built from Lego. There is a Lego figurine to the right.
Lego tube map

Once you’re inside, as well as seeing models from some of the best Lego kits you’ll find maps of London, a bus, a telephone box, a Loch Ness Monster and more.

Image of a Lego built big ben
Lego Big Ben

The store is on two floors and there’s a lift if you’re there with a stroller.

Upstairs, they have two Lego and one Duplo station, if you’re in the mood to build something. Seeing that made me want to go straight to my 2 year old’s nursery and bring him back for a play!

Image of the inside of the Lego store. Lego sets can be seen in the background with people looking at them. In the foreground there is an area with lego strewn about and a lego pyramid and clock tower built on it.
Lego building station inside store

They also have a totally cool booth called the ‘Lego Mosaic Maker’. Apparently it’s the only one in the world. It’s similar to a standard photo booth (although made out of Lego, of course), but once you’ve had your photo taken they’ll print it out as a Lego mosaic, complete with all the required pieces. It costs £99 and comes with 4,502 pieces, in five colours. You’ll use 2,304 of them to make your portrait (the boxes come pre-assembled). Very cool.

Aside from all the other fun stuff in the store it was great to be able to browse such a wide range of kits. They had a model death star, with surprisingly cute little Royal Guards. Sorry, did I say cute? I meant fearsome and terrifying.

Image of a Lego miniature figurine Royal Guard
Lego Royal Guard

They also had lots of kits for the younger kids, like a Lego watch complete with mini-fig that you can assemble yourself.

In conclusion: a well designed and fun store that is worth going to visit even if you just want to take some photos and play with some Lego. And it’s opposite the M&M and Nickelodeon stores, so you can visit all 3 in one trip! Definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for something free to do with kids in London.


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