London festivals: Cally Fest near Kings Cross station

London festivals: Cally Fest near Kings Cross station

If you’re looking for something to do near Kings Cross this summer then I recommend finding one of the London festivals.

I’ve just got back from Cally Fest – an annual London festival held along Caledonia Road, about a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross station.

We’ve been living in Islington for a few years, so have been to this particular festival a few times and it just keeps getting bigger and better.

Things to do at Cally Fest


  • A boxing ring with people teaching kickboxing
  • A bus stop disco, complete with dance floor and DJ
London festivals: Cally Fest - bus stop dance floor
Cally Fest Bus Stop Dance Floor
  • Fairground rides for kids
  • A crazy house
  • A Parkour training space, where kids can practice their jumps and flips over bales of hay. Keep an eye out along walls and roof tops around Kings Cross for their instructors.
  • Storytime


  • Lots of Caribbean stalls
  • Falafel
  • Ice cream vans
  • Candy floss and fairground sweets
  • Iceland (we bought a pack of ice creams for the family here)

There are tonnes of other places to get food near Kings Cross Station. So if you’re not in the mood for festival food, you could stop by Granary Square on your way. You can get a delicious brunch at Caravan, Dishoom, Grain Store or Yum Cha.

There’s also a big Waitrose there with a juice stall, bakery and coffee shop.


  • Each side street has a stage set up where you can hear a range of bands and singers throughout the day


  • Try cakes, bread and cookies at the fantastic ‘Sunflour bakery’, stall (or go along to the shop any other day)
  • Vegan treats
  • Handmade Jewellery
  • Art
  • Children’s clothes (I saw a great children’s clothes stall with really sweet screen printed art)
  • Toys and games for the kids
  • Join an impromptu dance class at the ‘Better’ stall

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