Magnum photography at London Kings Cross Station

Magnum photography at London Kings Cross Station

I’ve just got back from the Magnum photography exhibition at London Kings Cross station. It’s a great example of fun things that you can do on maternity leave when you live in a city.

History of Magnum Photography

Magnum is a photography agency that was founded by a variety of different photographers in Paris in 1947. It was one of the first photographic cooperatives, and the variety of different types of photograph that came from all the different members is one of the things that has made it such a success.

Magnum Photography exhibition at London Kings Cross

The exhibition is in the tunnel from Kings Cross Boulevard to Kings Cross Station. It consists of 70 photos from Magnum that have been taken over the last 70 years. The photos are great. There’s such a wide range of styles and topics covered that you feel like you’re getting a snapshot (excuse the pun) of important events over the last 70 years. I won’t give more details, as you can’t really describe photos adequately, but you can read more about it here.

What I really liked, though, is that it integrates something fun and cool with normal life. People can go to this exhibition on their way home from work or, like me, when they’re just out and about for a stroll. As with all of Kings Cross Station (hurray for Kings Cross Station), it’s accessible to everyone; there’s step free access to it, in the form of a lift from street level. So no issues with getting a stroller down there.

Sometimes I feel like there’s an attitude that there’s no life after children. There really, really is. And things like this prove it. You don’t need to put your life completely on hold after you have kids, especially if you live in or close to a city. There’s always fun stuff like this on – you just have to go out and find it.

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