Getting from London Kings Cross Station to London Waterloo Station step free

Getting from London Kings Cross Station to London Waterloo Station step free

Need to get from Kings Cross to Waterloo step-free with a stroller, wheelchair or luggage? There are two possible routes:

1. Take the Victoria line Southbound and change at Oxford Circus for the Bakerloo line.

2. Take the Victoria line Southbound and change at Green Park for the Jubilee line. 

Route 1: Changing at Oxford Circus

My favourite route from Kings Cross Station to Waterloo step-free is to take the Victoria line Southbound to Oxford Circus (3 stops). At Oxford Circus change to the Bakerloo line Southbound to get to Waterloo (4 stops). There is one more stop on this route than the second option, but the change at Oxford Circus is much easier and quicker than at Green Park.

Note: only the Southbound version of this route is step-free. The Northbound version (I.e. When travelling from Waterloo to Kings Cross) is not step-free as there is a flight of steps to get to the Northbound Bakerloo line at Waterloo Station.

There are lifts at most entrances to Kings Cross which will take you to ticket level for the underground. Once here go through the ticket barriers and take the lift on the right hand side of the escalators. Follow signs to the Victoria line. There is another lift to take you to the platform itself. If you need level access there is a section of the platform that is raised.

Oxford Circus station is not marked as step free on tube maps, however the Victoria and Bakerloo lines are on the same level at this station so there are no steps to get between them.

At Waterloo station there is a ramp from the Bakerloo Southbound platform to get to the interchange. The ramp is at the end of the platform at the back of the train. It is signposted ‘Jubilee line’.

From the interchange, follow signs to the Jubilee line. You’ll go along a moving walkway and then get to another interchange where there are 4 sets of escalators. The lift is next to the third set from the left. This lift will take you to the lower level at Waterloo.¬†There is another lift after you exit the barriers to take you up to the main station.

It’s a bit of a longwinded, laborious route. If you have the option of taking your child out of their stroller then it’s quicker to use the escalators.

Route 2: Changing at Green Park

This route is similar in terms of time to the one above. There are 1 fewer stops on this route, and once you get to Waterloo it is quicker to exit but the change at Green Park is a lot more laborious than changing at Oxford Circus.

At Kings Cross Station take the lifts to the Victoria line as detailed above.

Exit at Green Park station and take the lift to the interchange. Here you will have to walk through a couple of long corridors, before getting another lift to the Jubilee line.

Once at Waterloo there are lifts up to the main station and street level.

Correct as of June 2017