Travelling with babies is easier than you think

Travelling with babies is easier than you think

If you’re considering taking your baby on a trip, then I’d say good for you – go ahead and do it.

Lots of people worry about travelling with small children. Sleep, food, entertainment, breaks in routine, dealing with trains and planes and managing all the extra baggage are just a few of the things people worry about. These are understandable worries, but I’d like to assure you that it’s never as bad as you think.

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Should you wait until your baby is older to travel?

No! Do it now! When your child is a baby then it’s the perfect age to start experimenting with travel, whether abroad or just around the country.

I’ve travelled extensively with both my boys and honestly found them easier on my trips than they are at home! I find toddlers harder work than babies, but if you start travelling early then it’s much easier to adapt your travel as your children grow older.

My first child, Jack, had lots of trouble sleeping, leading to bouts of crying and screaming that we’re really difficult to handle. I didn’t do much with him for the first 6 weeks because I was worried about how I’d cope with the screaming when out and about.

Eventually I realised that I was going stir crazy and had to start doing things with him. And you know what? I can count the screaming fits whilst not at home on one hand.

Everything is new and interesting to a baby

Remember how interesting the world is to a baby. Everything’s new, exciting and stimulating. And it’s filled with people who want to smile and coo at them. My kids are so mesmerised by the outside world that I rarely have problems with them whilst out and about.

I found that Jack slept easily whilst in a pushchair or carrier. He’d just happily sit in his pushchair and watch the world go by or smile at people who interacted with him. Once he got tired, he’d yawn and fall asleep without a whimper. I used to spend 45 minutes at home walking round, bouncing him, singing every Disney song I could think of. Now, I visit people, go places and generally enjoying myself.

Once I realised that Jack was fine whilst out and about I started taking him everywhere. I’ve been on short flights, long flights, trains, car rides, buses.

Everyone is nicer to you when you travel with a baby

I have one particularly fond memory of travelling from Germany to the UK with just my baby and no husband to help. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t flown alone much, let alone with another little dependant in tow.

But honestly, people were so kind to me that it made the whole trip extremely pleasant. I’d dressed my son in his Halloween constum and the reaction of everyone was priceless. They were all enamoured with the little skeleton. I even had one of the airport security guards take him for a cuddle whilst I sorted out all my bags! Amazing.

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